Labour Market Testing Report Sample

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    Labour Market Testing Report Sample

    Labor Market Testing reports are a requirement of the Immigration Department, when applied for 457 visa application, to show that all efforts have been made through ads, etc., to recruit a local person for the vacant position. The report highlights all completed ads, and also expresses all short-listed candidates in great detail and why they could not be recruited. In order to prepare the LMT report, you can use the Labour Market Testing Report sample we provide. 

    Requirements of LMT Report for Temporary Visas

    Employers wishing to appoint a foreign worker for a TSS visa or 494 SESR visa will now be expected to advertise in three separate locations the nominated position, one of which must be the Jobactive website of the Government.

    The balance two advertisements might be on:

    • Australia’s jobs website with global reach (other than Jobactive);
    • Print media in Australia with national reach;
    • Radio in Australia with national reach;
    • If the accredited sponsor-on the website of the sponsor.

    Advertisements must be ‘online’ for at least 28 days as per previous criteria, with LMT completed immediately before lodgement within 4 months. This additional LMT condition does not need to be satisfied by nomination applications lodged before 1 October.

    Requirements of LMT Report for Permanent Visas

    Immigration had also declared their belief that, according to the new rules, employers nominating employees for permanent ENS and RSMS applications will also need to include proof of LMT undertaking.

    It was not clear if this was supposed to cover both the Temporary Residence Transitional and Direct Entry applications. No mention of LMT for ENS and RSMS was made in the new legislation at the time of the publication of this blog, and department policy has not yet been revised to reflect this expectation. When presenting ENS and RSMS applications without facts or a description of recruitment efforts, we advise to be careful. Employers are welcome to contact us for inquiries.

    Components of Labour Market Testing Report

    Labour Market Testing is a test carried out to employ an overseas worker. There are some LMT conditions that a business sponsor can have at the time of submission of their nomination.

    Labour Market Testing must be submitted within 4 months prior to the submission of the nomination application; each advertisement must be ‘online’ for a minimum of 28 days.

    The Report on the Labor Market Testing Sample includes the following information:

    1. Advertising data – Employers need to provide information on all ads that have happened, whether online, over the network or via social media.

    Important necessitates:

    • Proof of at least two separate full advertising
    • Advertised in English in Australia.
    • On a nationally-reached recruitment platform (for example,, Seek, Jora, Indeed)
    • On the official sponsor’s website if you are an accredited sponsor.
    1. Description of the company that includes:
    • Details of business such as products and services,
    • Details of registration including trading name, registered date, registered location, structure of business, licenses, permits etc. of the business,
    • Location of the business,
    • Chart of organization,
    • Management and ownership
    • Main employees of the business including current workers, required workers, options of hiring process, etc.

    5 requirements of each advertisement

    • Title and description of the position
    • Skills, qualifications (if applicable) and the experience required for the role.
    • The approved sponsor’s name or the recruitment agency’s name if the approved sponsor has hired a recruitment agency for advertising.
    • If the earnings per year is less than 96,400 AUD, include salary or salary range (60,000 AUD – 70,000 AUD).
    • Type of employment (Only full-time position). Part-time or Casual are not acceptable.
    1. Efforts to Hire

    Recruitment efforts made over the past 6 months should be compiled or given in relation to the nominated occupation. It must have proof of the fee charged for recruitment.

    1. Received Application

    The applications obtained in connection with the position must be included. It must provide detail as to why it was not acceptable for other applicants.

    1. Support of information

    When demanding a Labor Agreement, sponsors must provide evidence of Labour Market Testing.